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We need your help to purchase transportation for plastic recycling. Help us choose the best Heavy Duty Truck by voting when you donate. All money raised will be used to purchase the winning truck and pay for the insurance.  Any proceeds above the purchase price and insurance price will be directed to our general fund. 

Please note, your vote and donation will count towards the final tally. Your vote does not guarantee the purchase of a specific vehicle. All funds raised will be used to finance the winning vehicle.

Support EcoGeneration and vote for the best Heavy Duty Truck for the job.

When you donate, vote for:

  • Ford F250 Super Duty

  • Chevy Silverado

  • or Toyota Tundra


Historically, we have moved the thousands of pounds of recycling collected at our community Recycling Take Backs,(primarily plastic) with numerous trips of founder, David Gardiepy's Subaru Legacy. More recently we acquired a 1991 Dodge Dakota through a kind volunteer, resulting in fewer trips and less time spent traveling. 

With our Recycling Take Back poundage increasing each week, an upgrade is needed!

With your help, we hope to purchase a truck - allowing us to haul more recycling at one time - meaning fewer trips, less time spent hauling, and less gas. It will also allow us to reach outlying areas like Florence without having to borrow a community dealerships truck (thanks, Brad's Chevrolet!)

EcoGeneration is truly a labor of love and all community Recycling Take Backs, sorting, cleaning, packing, distribution, transportation, marketing, education, social media, website, are done by unpaid volunteers. You CAN make a difference.

Your Operation Truck & Haul donation will go directly into the purchase of transportation for hauling recyclable materials to sorting, storage, and processing facilities. Funds raised over the vehicle purchase amount will go first towards insurance, and then into the general fund for running EcoGeneration. 

Thank you so much for joining us. We could not do this without you!

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We encourage your to check back for updated content and new recycling programs.

Thank you so much to our supporters!

Without you we wouldn’t be able to continue on with our great mission!

Here at EcoGeneration, we are run with a very little budget. Beyond our current fundraiser, we always accept donations to further our mission of reducing organic and inorganic waste, promote recycling, and conduct Recycling Take-Backs.


EcoGeneration is a fully verified and vetted 501C3 Nonprofit in the United States. For all donations over $250 a receipt with a legal disclaimer will be e-mailed to the donor to ensure that their donation is noted and that they are able to work with their tax preparer to ensure that they receive the fullest deduction possible depending on the laws and regulations you are located within.

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