EcoGeneration Recycling Take Back™

Schedule for Lane County

EcoGeneration hosts weekly plastic collections at various locations in Lane County.

We are an independent organization from Lane County Waste Management, as such our schedule should be considered the most accurate source of information for our Recycling Take Backs™


EcoGeneration Services will resume June 27th for the Eugene Recycling Take Back™. 

EcoGeneration Services will be paused, effective immediately through late June, to accommodate founder and executive director David Gardiepy's Neurosurgery and recovery. We are hopeful that he will be well enough to proceed with the June 27th Eugene Recycling Take Back™.

EcoGeneration collects recycling within several different waste streams.  The programs that EcoGeneration works with are Lane County Community Collectors, TerraCycle, Preserve, P3, and Lane County Waste Management (for paper, metal, glass that is dropped off). See a full list of materials accepted for recycling through EcoGeneration here.