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Support EcoGeneration with your donation

EcoGeneration accepts recycling from the community and takes responsibility for ensuring that it is ethically recycled. We take pride in knowing that we are actively working to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and into our oceans, while preserving our resources for future generations. Your donation ensures that our Recycling Take Back™ program has the funds necessary to continue to collect plastic waste in Lane County.

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NOTE: Checks are a great way to ensure that the entire donation goes directly to EcoGeneration with no stops along the way for processing fees. To make sure that your check goes into the desired fund, just add a note on the for line (ie. truck fund, etc.) If you leave the line empty, your donation will go to the EcoGeneration general fund covering the costs of collecting plastic waste in Lane County and ensuring that it is ethically recycled. EcoGeneration is a fully verified and vetted 501C3 Nonprofit in the United States.

Checks can be made out to EcoGeneration and sent to: 1498 E. Main Street, Suite 103-335, Cottage Grove, OR, 97424. 

EcoGeneration is closing

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Thank you so much to our supporters!

Without you we wouldn’t be able to continue on with our great mission!

Here at EcoGeneration, we are run with a very little budget. Beyond our current fundraiser, we always accept donations to further our mission of reducing organic and inorganic waste, promote recycling, and conduct Recycling Take-Backs.


EcoGeneration is a fully verified and vetted 501C3 Nonprofit in the United States. For all donations over $250 a receipt with a legal disclaimer will be e-mailed to the donor to ensure that their donation is noted and that they are able to work with their tax preparer to ensure that they receive the fullest deduction possible depending on the laws and regulations you are located within.

You can make a difference.

You can choose the less convenient option.
You can clean up your mess.
You can volunteer your time and energy.
You can support those who are creating change.

Support EcoGeneration

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