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EcoGeneration Accepted Materials

EcoGeneration collects and ethically recycles within several streams of waste, and add new recycling streams as they open up to us. The material that we can accept currently is listed below.

Items should be sorted by number (#1, #2, #4, #5, #7) and category (see below), and will be accepted in any type of bags - provided all items are CLEAN and DRY with labels removed. Check below for exceptions to label removal.

For up-to-date activities, tips and news, and recycling questions; please join the Recycling with EcoGeneration Facebook group.

Update: #2/4/5 materials are now recycled through a facility that is able to sort plastics by color. This allows for the materials to be used again and also increases the chances of the plastic being recycled again as the materials are not all dyed black.
Ecogeneration Recycing Take Back SortingSM.jpg

EcoGeneration collects at various locations throughout Lane County.

We currently accept the following for recycling:

Recycling programs14.jpg

#1 Bottles & Jugs

Recycling programs5.jpg

Personal Care Packaging

Recycling programs4.jpg

Plastic Film (Plastic Bags)


PakTech® Handles

Recycling programs7.jpg

Shipping Materials

Recycling programs13.jpg

HP Cartridges

Recycling programs.jpg

Cigarette Filters

Recycling programs pens.jpg

Pens and Markers


Plastic - #2, #4, #5

Nutrition Packaging

Recycling programs9.jpg

Deposit Containers

Recycling programs10.jpg

Razors & Packaging

Recycling programs2.jpg


Recycling programs11 copy.jpg

Air Fresheners

Recycling programs14.jpg

Dispensary Pop Tops

Recycling programs paperbag.jpg

$20 Paper Bag Program

To inquire about setting up an event in the Lane County Oregon area, please e-mail

Please do not e-mail recycling questions, as they may not get answered.

For up-to-date activities, tips and news, and recycling questions; please join the Recycling in the Grove Facebook group.

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