Recycle Plastic Film and Plastic Bags

Plastic grocery bags and various types of shrink wrap used in packaging are defined as plastic film. 

Food film generally does not have a resin code. If it does, feel free to bring it to us after it is fully clean with soap and water. 

• Limit 1 grocery store bag of plastic film per family

• Only film clearly labeled with #2, #4 will be accepted.

We cannot accept #5 plastic film unless it is in a brown paper bag ($20 paper bag program)

We cannot accept any cling wrap.

• Please be sure that your film is 100% free of stickers, crumbs, or for-instance fiberglass insulation (this stuff is sharp and a huge hazard to my pets)

• Bag needs to contain loose plastic film (please don’t add more bags full of film into the single one)

• Prescreening will occur at site

• We will accept clean/dry gallon sized Zip Lock Bags for reuse (smaller ones are only accepted through the $20 paper bag program).

We also accept plastic Amazon mailers. If you are dropping off mailers, please be sure that your address is removed and that the mailers are 100% plastic. We cannot recycle the combo paper and bubble wrap mailers.

See all materials accepted for recycling by EcoGeneration

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