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Recycle Shipping Materials

We accept almost all shipping materials for reuse. All bubble wrap, air pacs need to still be inflated to reuse them. We will also accept kraft paper, shipping peanuts, and plastic padded shipping envelopes (Please cut off the shipping label). Please note that we are unable to accept paper padded envelopes as they are multilayered materials and we are unable to prepare them for reuse at this time. We encourage you to recycle your boxes either curbside or at the nearest transfer station.

NOTE: We CANNOT accept biodegradable shipping materials such as the shipping peanuts made of corn starch or wheat. Under damp conditions, shipping materials form a superglue like putty that is extremely hazardous to animals.

To dispose: With enough hot water, the shipping peanuts will dissolve and could be poured outside or even down the drain. Too much cornstarch CAN cause buildup in drains however, so use caution. Biodegradable shipping peanuts or sheets will not dissolve in cold water. They may be compostable in small quantities, though your compost will need additional carbon.

See all materials accepted for recycling by EcoGeneration

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