Recycle #1, Clear Plastic Bottles and Tubs

We are able to accept and recycle all jugs and bottles made out of #1 PETE plastic resin. To determine if it is a jug bottle, please follow these two rules: The top is threaded for a cap to screw on, and there is a seam on the side and bottom of the container. All recycling need to be rinsed out with no liquid or food residue on the container and completely dry. LABELS ARE OK. 

 *Containers must be 6 ounces or larger*


If the bottle has a deposit, please leave the label on. We will turn these in and use any proceeds to assist in funding EcoGeneration.

Please note, this does not include #1 PETE Cups, Lids, or any other packaging such as clamshells. This list is only recyclable in the $20 Brown Paper Bag Stream.

See all materials accepted for recycling by EcoGeneration.

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