Recycle Health & Nutritional Packaging

• Vitamins, minerals, and supplements packaging: blister packs, tubes, bottles, caps, lids, cans, boxes

• Sexual health and well-being packaging: tubes, bottles, caps, lids, wrappers, cans, boxes

• Cough, cold, flu, sore throat, and nasal care packaging​: blister packs, tubes, bottles, spray bottles, caps, lids

• Infant formula and child nutrition packaging: tubs, bottles, caps, lids, cans, boxes

• Personal care and foot care packaging: tubes, bottles, caps, lids, plastic packaging 

• Prescription bottles are not accepted *Except #5 and #2 for community collections, see above

*Please note that packaging needs to be free of product, rinsed out, and dry. Labels may remain on the bottles.

We accept all caps, foil liners and cotton stuffing from over the counter medications and supplements.

See all materials accepted by EcoGeneration for recycling>

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