Recycle Caps, Lids, & Small Pieces of Plastic

We will accept all lids (6 Inches diameter or smaller), caps, small pieces of plastic (as deemed appropriate) for recycling. These plastics do not require a resin code. Please be sure that they are fully cleaned, have any labels/price tags removed, and they are stored and brought inside of a 1 Gallon Zip Lock Bag.  Please be mindful that at the time of collection we accept only 1 gallon of caps, lids, and small pieces of plastic per household.  If any contamination is detected we will regretfully have to return the whole bag- as this stream has started to become highly contaminated and has exceeded our set standards for contamination.

Limit one gallon ziplock bag full.

Note: if you have bottle lids it is best to recap them and recycle the whole bottle.  Caps should be put back on the health and nutrition stream of materials for best practices.

See all materials accepted for recycling by EcoGeneration

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