Recycle Block Styrofoam

We accept small quantities of clean Block Styrofoam for recycling. Limit 1 black bag full per person, per week.

We will accept your Styrofoam and hand you the bag back, as we really do not need or want black garbage bags at this time.

Bagged only. No small broken pieces please.

Generally, block styrofoam is the Styrofoam you find when you purchase new household goods.

We will only accept Polystyrene (typical 'old school') styrofoam material. 


Block Styrofoam DOES include coolers. Please make sure that ALL labels and tape are fully removed.


We do not accept Styrofoam meat trays in this stream of recycling.

We cannot accept #4, #5 or #7 foams.

See all materials accepted for recycling by EcoGeneration

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