This is a temporary option for indviduals who are struggling with attending a Recycling Take-Back and/or those who are looking for new ways to help support EcoGeneration.  If you purchase this prior to emailing or messaging for to schedule, your purchase will be refunded and voided.  The only way that this will work out for everyone is if you first email us at so that we can be sure that this service is appropriate for you. *service is not available in Cottage Grove per the Waste Hauler agreement, this is out of our control and we apologize*.

Same stipulations will apply, we will accept materials that are on and prepared in accordance with our accepted materials list.  We ask that you work with at least two other households (pool resources and recycling), as this will reduce the per capita cost and allow us to maximize our efforts.

Recycling Pick-Up (One Time)

  • This is only available for a limited time, and is in direct response to the cancellation of the Eugene Recycling Take-Back at the Hilyard Community Center.  If you purchase this without first emailing us, it is likely to get cancelled, we need to ensure that we can schedule everyone.  $35 is the minnimum suggested donation, we are doing pick-ups to attempt to make up for lost donations, if you would like to contribute more, feel free to donate at

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