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With the purchase of this FastPass, purchaser is entitled to: Access of 1 attendee to separate FastPass Only line for each Cottage Grove Recycling Take-Back™ of 2023. Access to EcoGeneration Volunteer for assistance unloading materials for recycling from car. Recycling of 1 quart ziplock bag of dry PPE (masks/gloves) per Take-Back™Plastics 2/4/5 may have labels and be commingle. Please make sure they are clean and dry. You are also entitled to simply drop off your recycling, and leave. We will keep and recycle your bags. PLEASE NOTE: If you are attending a Take-Back™ and your FastPass has not arrived, we will look up your purchase to confirm. Purchasers address must match city - if address does not match, your order will be refunded. Limited quantities sold per city (7).

EcoGeneration Cottage Grove Recycling Take-Back™ 2023 FastPass

    • Valid 1-1-2023 to 12-31-2023
    • Every effort will be made on the part of EcoGeneration to schedule accessible events. No refunds for canceled Recycling Take-Backs™. No refunds for cards purchased later in the year. 
    • non-transferrable, no refunds, no cash value
    • If a Recycling Take Back is canceled, FastPass holder is entitled to a Recycling Drop Appointment that month, at no cost.
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