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Dedicated recyclers - this one is for you! Our $20 Paper Bag Program allows us to take any clean, label free packaging (packaging only - small toys, etc cannot be recycled in this stream) which cannot be recycled through one of our free channels. #1 plastic clamshells, we are looking at you. 

One regular size paper bag can be filled with misc #1, #2, #4, #6, #7, or even unknown plastics. Your $20 fee allows us to recycle everything in the bag. LABELS MUST BE REMOVED.


  • Clamshells cannot be broken down into small pieces because the resin code must be on plastic materials in order for them be sorted and processed correctly for making into new plastics.


  • Starting September 30, 2021 caps, for recycling will only be accepted in the $20 Paper Bag Program. Please be sure that they are fully cleaned, have any labels/price tags removed, and they are stored and brought inside of a 1 Gallon Zip Lock Bag. no limits to the ziplock bag full of caps in your $20 Brown Paper Bag.  Caps should be put back on the Personal Care and Health/Nutrition streams of materials for best practices.

  • We will verify your purchase electronically, you do not need to print a confirmation.

$20 Bag

SKU: 5923456420661
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