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Wasted Holidays

Did you know that the average American generates as much as 25% more waste during the holiday season starting in October? This amounts to almost 2.5 million more pounds of garbage generated in the United States per week. Is it possible to have a joyous holiday season without all the added garbage? The good news is, yes, with a little planning, forethought, and proper waste management techniques, it is entirely possible to reduce the waste and carbon footprint of your holidays this year.

There's nothing wrong with indulging in some tasty treats during the holidays, but it can be easy to go overboard on foods and packaging that end up in landfills after the New Year rolls around. We've made a list of tips for reducing waste during the holidays so that you can enjoy your time off without feeling guilty about all those extra trips to the grocery store! However, we suggest avoiding the temptation seen during the holiday season of starting “fresh” or falling in love with newer themes and deciding it's time to get a whole new holiday look.

Christmas Trees If you're the type to go all out for the holidays, choosing a Christmas tree is a big decision. From cuteness to size and shape, there are a lot of options. What if you don't want your Christmas tree after the season? There are many ways to repurpose it once the holiday season is over.