EcoGeneration Recycling Partners

Local Recycling Drop off Locations and Recycling Partners

Ecogeneration works with these businesses to actively reduce the waste in our community.

The UPS store Cottage Grove Logo square.

We are working with the Cottage Grove UPS Store, they are currently accepting plastic padded mailers (plastic on plastic) for recycling. They are also working to ensure that the paper label is cut off the mailer, ensuring that the mailers are recycled contaminate free.


We are working with Apothecaria to ensure that dispensary pop-top containers are collected and recycled responsibly. Feel free to bring any of the pop-top containers that cannabis is purchased in (including gummy containers) to Apothecaria for recycling. Please make sure that all the product is out of the container prior to dropping them off.

Sunshine General Store

Sunshine Market has a strong belief that it is our role to be responsible stewards of the planet. They are currently collecting any recycling that we accept. When dropping off here, please make sure that your recycling is product free, rinsed out, and dry. Please also be sure to remove labels when necessary. The streams are being collected co-mingled and will be sorted out by us.

Katielizabeth Design profile pic2020.jpg

EcoGeneration cannot do the work we do alone. We partner with Katielizabeth Design to build our online presence (like this website) getting the word out about our community activities, recycling streams and how you can support our programs.

Best Little Printhouse

We partner with Best Little Printhouse...


In 2019, we worked with a Aurora Café to divert 127.25 pounds of food waste from the landfill. Through this initiative we were able to put carbon back into the ground, prevent methane from developing from the waste stream, and assist in reducing toxic landfill leachate in Lane County. We are actively recruiting farms that are willing to accept food waste so that we can seek out local restaurants to restart this program. If you are interested in allowing us to compost local food waste at your house, please e-mail us at . We are not currently soliciting additional restaurants for the program. For more information on the benefits of composting please click here.