$20 Brown Paper Bag Program

Dedicated recyclers - this one is for you! Our $20 Paper Bag Program allows us to take any clean, label free packaging (packaging only - small toys, etc cannot be recycled in this stream) which cannot be recycled through one of our free channels. #1 plastic clamshells, we are looking at you. 

One regular size paper bag can be filled with misc #1, #2, #4, #6, #7 or even unknown plastics. Your $20 tax deductible donation allows us to recycle everything in the bag. LABELS MUST BE REMOVED.


  • Clamshells cannot be broken down because the resin code must be on plastic materials in order for them be sorted and processed correctly for making into new plastics.

  • Starting September 30, 2021 we will accept all lids (6 Inches diameter or smaller),  and caps, for recycling only through the $20 Paper Bag Program. Please be sure that they are fully cleaned, have any labels/price tags removed, and they are stored and brought inside of a 1 Gallon Zip Lock Bag. Limit one gallon ziplock bag full.  Caps should be put back on the Personal Care and Health/Nutrition streams of materials for best practices.

*We apologize, but this stream is not available in Cottage Grove*

See all materials accepted for recycling by EcoGeneration.

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