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EcoGeneration Team



Founder • Board President • Executive Director

David Gardiepy started EcoGeneration as a Facebook group in 2017 to share information and organize litter pick-ups around Cottage Grove, OR. It grew quickly as people looked for new ways to deal with their recyclable trash.

In 2020 EcoGeneration became an incorporated non-profit in the state of Oregon.

In addition to organizing weekly plastic collections for local residents; EcoGeneration has worked to find recycling streams for other waste materials which would otherwise go into landfills. Gardiepy has built relationships with a network of 29 different recycling companies all over the country, each of which takes and processes different materials. 

Read full article in Eugene Health Guide, page 36

Brand Coordinator

"I am overwhelmed that EcoGeneration has taken on this amazing project for our community, and excited to be able to help."


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