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We regret to announce that our presence in Florence in 2023 is not possible due to financial constraints and a conflict that arose that is not resolvable. Please email us if you would like more information, to determine if a recycling pickup is right for you, and to see what options you have for ethical plastic management.

Our commitment to the planet is sound, however, we cannot morally or legally tell David he has to prioritize a Recycling Take Back over his health. In addition, we started helping Florence Master Recyclers due to the Pandemic. We were under the understanding that Florence Master Recyclers would pick up 2/4/5 collections once Pandemic Restrictions eased.

We hope that you understand our legal dilemma and current position. Thank you for your dedication to the planet.


Don't see a time that works for you? Make a drop-off appointment!

Not all Recycling Take Backs™ are wheelchair accessible. If you are in a wheelchair, please email David prior to the event and he will make arrangements for you.
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