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Cottage Grove Community Center - 2023 Schedule

April 9, 2023

Line opens at 11:00 am and closes at 1:00 pm

If you purchased a 2023 Annual Cottage Grove Fast Pass, you are welcome to drop off your materials at the Fast Pass Table without scheduling online! 2023 FastPasses are completed as of November 2023. Annual FastPass fee $280

Don't see a time that works for you? Make a drop-off appointment!

Not all Recycling Take Backs™ are wheelchair accessible. If you are in a wheelchair, please email David prior to the event and he will make arrangements for you.
2023 Volunteer Sign up Here with Sign Up Genius!
Please have your plastics clean, dry, and sorted by stream for drop off:

  • #1 Bottles and Jugs (i.e. the top is threaded for a cap to screw on, and there is a seam on the side and bottom of the container). For clamshells see $20 bag stream. Clean and dry,  LABELS OK! No Caps.

  • #2: Clean and dry, NO LABELS.

  • #4: Clean and dry, NO LABELS.

  • #5: Clean and dry, NO LABELS.

  • Personal Care Packaging: cosmetics, hair care, skin care, dental care, etc. Clean and dry, LABELS OK!

  • Nutritional BOTTLES Updated: Vitamins, Over-the-Counter Medication bottles with 1/2/4 resin codes only, LABELS OK!

  • $20 Paper Bag Stream - One regular size paper bag can be filled with misc #1 (clamshells, etc.), #6, #7, or even unknown plastics, unknown films and #5 films, NO LABELS.

  • All other streams: shipping materials (limit 1 black bag of Styrofoam), air fresheners, ink cartridges, dispensary pop tops, cigarette filters, pens & markers, and plastic film (limit 1 plastic grocery bag of #2, #4 film per family). Clean and dry, NO LABELS.

NOTE: if your materials are not clean and sorted, you will be asked to come back to the next Recycling Take Back™ with your materials cleaned and sorted.

Cottage Grove Recycling Take Backs™ are made possible by our Cottage Grove Sponsors!

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