Our Recycling Take-Back Program is unique to the Lane County Area. In addition to working with Lane County as Community Collectors (Clean, Label-Free plastics resin coded 2, 4, or 5), we also collect and recycle within several other streams of waste.

We take pride in knowing that we are actively working to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills while preserving our resources for future generations. Currently, we have a huge emphasis on recycling plastics within any stream that we can find. When we accept recycling from the community we are taking responsibility for ensuring that it gets recycled, while also working to assure the highest quality product for our recyclers. At this time, our plastics go to Denton Plastic (through Lane County), TerraCycle, Preserve Gimme 5, and several others that wish to remain anonymous at this time.


None of the plastic waste that we collect is shipped outside of the United States.


To ensure that all items meet the criteria for recycling we presort items when we accept them; working to ensure that the plastics are completely clean. If they are not, we will generally work with you; asking that you take some of the items back to clean, while taking several items back to clean ourselves that they can be accepted by the recycling manufacturing facilities. By creating this reciprocity we hope that we can encourage everyone to come back with clean plastics rather than leave discouraged.

We are happy to announce that we are now an incorporated non-profit in the state of Oregon!  

This means that we are officially able to sell our bags/stickers online and fundraise.  Check out our new storefront and thank you all for your support!!

For up-to-date activities, tips and news, and recycling questions; please join the Recycling in the Grove Facebook group.

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EcoGeneration’s primary mission is to safeguard and improve the ecosystems that humans coexist with. We focus on protecting biodiversity in and around the Pacific Northwest.  Our intentions are to decrease organic and inorganic waste, increase awareness of the impact of waste, increase an individual’s understanding of their carbon footprint; based on their consumer habits, with the intention of assisting them to decrease the impact that they have on planet earth.  EcoGeneration also desires to establish, maintain, and enhance ecological systems in the face of climate change.

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