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EcoGeneration’s primary mission is to safeguard and improve the ecosystems that humans coexist with. We focus on protecting biodiversity in and around the Pacific Northwest.  Our intentions are to decrease organic and inorganic waste, increase awareness of the impact of waste, increase an individual’s understanding of their carbon footprint; based on their consumer habits, with the intention of assisting them to decrease the impact that they have on planet earth.  EcoGeneration also desires to establish, maintain, and enhance ecological systems in the face of climate change.

Thank you so much to our supporters!

Without you we wouldn’t be able to continue on with our great mission!

Here at EcoGeneration, we are run with a very little budget. Beyond our current fundraiser, we always accept donations to further our mission of reducing organic and inorganic waste, promote recycling, and conduct Recycling Take-Backs.


We are confident that EcoGeneration will successfully receive a favorable determination of its 501(c)(3) tax-deductible status from the IRS.  According to IRS regulations, its tax-deductible status will be granted retroactively to the date of the organization’s filing of proper Articles of Incorporation, which is September 27, 2019.  According to IRS regulations, contributions will be granted tax-deductible status, retroactive to the date the articles of incorporation were filed.


For all donations over $250 a receipt with a legal disclaimer will be e-mailed to the donor to ensure that their donation is noted and that they are able to work with their tax preparer to ensure that they receive the fullest deduction possible depending on the laws and regulations you are located within.

See Our Current Recycling Take-Back Schedule

We encourage you to check back for updated content and new recycling programs.

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